LED Armbands

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Practica deportes en seguridad con esta banda de alta visibilidad. Iluminacion por el LED con fondo reflectivo.
Bandas pueden ser utilizadas comodamente en brazo o en tobillos.
Modos de Illuminacion: Fijo, parpadeo rapido, parpadeo lento.
5 colores disponibles.
Un tamano ajustable a mayoria de los brazos.

Practice sport in a highly visible manner with our LED Armband. Light by LED tecnology enhanced with reflective background.
Bands can be used in arm or leg.
3 light mode: Rapid flash, Slow flash and solid light.
Colors available: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow and Orange.
Size: One size fit most. Elastic band.

Auction / Product Specific:
– Price is for ONE Armband.
– Battery included.
– Color by reflective surface.

Shipping performed trough USPS with tracking.


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